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2 days to hold space for yourself to reconnect & realign your energy.
21st - 22nd Of May 

Do you currently: 


Find it hard to find focus throughout the day 


Feel disconnected from your body 


Feel out of balance in certain areas of your life


Start your morning scrolling on your phone


Feel disconnected from your feminine energy 


Struggle to connect to a daily practice 


Over the 2 workshops we will create space where you can become more in tune with your body, and your energetic system so you can start to feel where you are out of balance. 

I will guide you through some different practices that you can make into a morning ritual, because how we start our day is so important and can shift our mindset for the rest of the day leading to us having more clarity and focus throughout the day. This will also help you to tune into what your body needs each day, so you can move out into the world in the best possible way respecting your needs first. 

We will explore our energetic system and explore ways to clear and balance our energy. 

Leave with: 


Feeling more in tune with your body so you have a deeper understanding of what you truly need. 


Practices that align with you so you actually enjoy taking time out of your day for your rituals. 


An understanding of how to start your day in alignment to create a sense of grounding and presence.


New ways to create space for yourself to form new habits that nourish you. 


An understanding of your energetic body to feel the power you have with in. 

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