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Awaken & Reclaim

Join me for a personal journey of remembrance and reclamation!

This program is unique and completely tailored to your needs and intentions. 
If you seek a deeper spiritual practice, to let go of old limiting beliefs and to feel more connected to yourself and source then this mentorship is for you! 

You will learn and uncover the tools, knowledge and practices for you to implement change into your daily life and to walk the path to your souls highest self. Reconnect and awaken your womb portal so you can embody your true divine feminine power here on earth. 

 We will dive deep into the womb and blood mysteries for you to explore the depths of your divinity so you can live an aligned life, with confidence and purpose.  


Do you want to rebirth the truth of who you are before the world told you who to be?

Yes? Then keep reading...

Adventure within to explore the depths of your existence to become the miracle you came here to be! 

Have you found yourself…


Feeling disconnected from your intuition, body and the world around you (nature)  


Just accepting a mundane reality that you are used to, ignoring the niggle inside telling you there is more out there for you 


Knowing you can live more purposefully, but not sure on the steps you need to take 


Knowing your aren’t fully embodying your true expression, but holding yourself back out of fear of stepping in your power 


Realising that something is off and that there are parts of yourself that you need to heal



Imagine if you…


Were free to express your true self and be exactly who you want to in each moment


Able to release the negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs and actually step into your power 


Truly believed in yourself and were able to do the things that you actually want to do 

Had confidence to release the “should’s” and live in alignment 


Fully embodied your true divine feminie power, connected and honoured your inner cyclic nature and the cycles of nature. 


Were in tune with where you are out of alignment and  harnessed your  inner wisdom to realign yourself


Experienced more love, joy and freedom in your life 

Are you Ready to…


Encourage your souls growth and expansion 


To rebirth the truth of who you are before the world told you who to be


Commit to yourself and your healing journey 


Invest into your wellbeing 


Create a new life but understand this takes time and dedication 

How does the program work?

I will be your guide on this journey of self discover, I will walk this path along side you creating a safe and loving container for you delve deeper and uncover all the answers and wisdom you already hold within. 

To start our time together I ask you to set your intentions and goals to shape our sessions so everything is personalised to support you and your needs.

Month 1 

Know Thyself

Intention setting, awakening your body, womb and heart. Voice of your womb. Releasing old imprints, reclaiming your energy and setting boundaries.

Month 2 


Explore your womb garden. What beliefs and stories are holding you back. letting go of stored trauma. Ancestral healing. 

Month 3 


Create safety in your body and womb space. Connect to your authentic feminine. Open up to your creative power and energy. Body and earth connection. Integration. 

Our sessions could include:

Yoga, movement, Dance ceremonies, meditations, womb connection journeys, distant energy healing, breath work, rituals and how to create your own at home, guidance on connecting to your cycle and cycles of nature, clearing and cleansing the womb space and tailored support and guidance to help you on your path. 

Each week we will meet for 60-90 minutes via zoom. After each call I will give you self-exploration 'home-work' to complete in-between our sessions together, this is to help you implement and integrate new habits and form a daily practice that works for you. This will be unique to you and your needs.

It's great to start this while working together so I can support and guide you if needed, it also helps to build consistency for when our time together comes to an end. 

You will also receive my direct support via Telegram/WhatsApp and email (Mon-Fri) in-between our sessions. 
I encourage you to share your wins as well as your struggles. 

I'm here for you! 




Payment plan: spread the cost over the  3 months and pay £371 a month.

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