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Touching the Surface



Like you are living out of alignment 

Like you experiencing blockages in certain areas of your life

Out of balance either emotionally, mentaly, physically or spiritually. 

Feel disconnected from your body 

Like you need more focus and clarity 

Like you need to shed old parts of yourself that are no longer serving you

Do you feel…

Yoga in Nature

This is a 15 week journey of self discovery, unlock and awaken your energy to live a more balanced and aligned life.  Over this time you will connect, understand and explore your energy system. 

You have 7 main chakras in your body and over our time together you will move through this rainbow bridge connecting spirit and matter. 

The word Chakra translates to wheel or disk, each chakra is a spinning wheel of energy within the body that affects the way we live, think and behave. Your chakras can become over or under active which leads to an imbalance but by using the techniques that I will guide you through (yoga, breathwork, meditation/visulisation/energy healing) you will be able to influence your chakras in turn bringing more balance and healing to your health and have more control over your life.

Don't just let life happen to you, take control and deepen your connection to your body.

Where energy flows, energy goes!


Are ready to commit to your practice and healing 

You want to live a more balanced life 

Are ready to listen to your body and not override the signs when you are out of balance 

Want to stop living on autopilot 

Want a deeper and more loving connection with yourself 

Willing to learn and put in the work for change 

This offering is for you if you…

Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened

Feeling more in tune with your body so you have a deeper understanding of what you truly need.


Practices that align with you so you actually enjoy taking time out of your day to connect with them

An understanding of how to live in alignment to create a sense of grounding and presence.


New ways to create space for yourself to form new habits that nourish you. 

An understanding of your energetic body to feel the power you have within. 

Leave with...

What is included...

8 x 90 minute 1-1 sessions with me, meeting bi-weekly either in person (Exeter) or on zoom where we will explore and discuss any blockages, working with energy and sound healing.

14 pre recorded yoga flows (2 for each chakra)

7 meditations

Workbooks and exercises to integrate your practices at home


Support via Telegram mon-fri 

Price is dependant on whether you take this journey online or in person.
Please contact me for more 
information and to start your journey.
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