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A day of heart lead practices so you can reconnect to your true self, connect with other like minded souls and rediscover the deep connection we hold with the earth on this fully immersive day retreat. 

It is the perfect opportunity to fully nourish your mind, body and soul through: 


Movement Practices  (energising yoga flow & yin yoga) 


Energy Healing 

Sitting in ceremony with mama cacao 

Sound healing 

Forest bathing

Nourishing seasonal food 


These practices can help you shift old energy, open up your heart space and find more balance & harmony. 



This day is for anyone who wants to….


Fully immerse themselves into shedding old energy and thought patterns.  


Open up their hearts and form a deeper & loving connection with themselves


Connect to the Earth and invite in her healing powers, connecting to the elements that make up this divine cosmic creation that we are apart of. 


Heal old wounds and release any felt separation from themselves, the earth and others. 


Reset, recharge and reconnect. 


This day is all about opening our hearts and feeling the magic that is within us and all around us.

Located in a beautiful forest close to Totnes, you will be able to drop deep into your practice and feel the magic and nourishment of the land.

On the 11th of September 10am-5pm

Energy Exchange


Book your space today! 

To book get in contact with Jess

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