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This offering is for women wanting to connect to their inner wisdom, to heal and to explore their divine feminine essence
This is a unique, customised journey based on your personal needs & goals but the focus will be on bringing awareness and a deeper connection to your womb . 


We can work together either online or in person. This is an immersive healing experience combining: 


Cacao ceremony,
Energy clearing and healing, Sound (in person only),
Movement and, 

To begin the ceremony we will open the sacred space and drink ceremonial cacao, this beautiful heart opening plant medicine (known as Mother cacao) will help ground us and open us energetically. We will set intentions for the practice and I will then guide you on your healing journey. I will weave the session around your intentions to help you reconnect, heal and awaken your true potential.

I will guide you to reconnect with the magick and power of your womb. As you begin this journey into your womb space, each step of the way you will become more open and alive, you will reclaim your gifts here on earth, open up your creativity, feel emotional ease and feel in tune with your innate power and true essence. 

As we journey together you will feel a deeper connection to the flow of life. 

This journey is for every women who wants to explore the depths of their being and their inner wisdom, the womb is an energetic space even if you don’t have the physical organ, this is a powerful place within you. 


Are you ready to open the magical doorway within?  

I will hold a safe, nurturing and compassionate space for you so you can surrender into the experience. 




In person 2 hour ceremony £95

Online 1.5 hour ceremony £75


Please contact me directly if you'd like to discuss this further before booking. 

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