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Journey into the sacred heart

Journey into the Sacred Heart is a form of healing body-work that incorporates touch, breath, sound and energy. Each journey takes you to energetic doorways in the physical body, bringing awareness to aspects of yourself that have been disconnected in some way.


I will use physical touch to guide you to the door ways. I will then invite you to use a specific breath to support you in moving through these doorways where you may experience different sensations, memories and emotions. I will hold a safe space for you to feel, express and to be witnessed until a shift, a softening, a healing occurs.

This technique is about opening your heart and coming home to your true being. This can help to release traumas, beliefs and patterns of limitations that are being held in the body. It is about learning to open and feel your heart to allow true freedom as you remember your wholeness.

At certain times in our life we often don't or aren't able to express some emotions, we then store this inside our body. These journey’s can help to let go of whatever you have been storing within the body and allow the full expression of those emotions and feelings, no matter how long they have been hiding.


What is so beautiful about this work is that you are your own self healer.  I am guiding you into your own body and encouraging you to bring an open curiosity to what you may find.

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These journeys are 75-90 minutes

Energy Exchange £65

Journey into the Sacred Heart and Sound healing 

Pair your somatic journey with sound healing, the combined power of both of these practices can lead to profound transformative experiences, promoting holistic healing and fostering a deeper connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

Weaving these two practices together can help to unlock and release emotional blockages, facilitating a deeper release. (of anything that has been repressed and held inside). 

Sound healing will help you to harness a deeper sense of connection to your body and energy which will be beneficial when dropping into your somatic journeys.

When integrated, they can amplify each other's effects and create a more comprehensive healing experience.

Or online sessions will be to discuss anything that has come up for you over our time together. They may also include movement practices, meditation, breath work, nervous system regulation & earth based healing. 

This will be based around your needs and will be personal to your journey.  


1 Somatic Journey

1 Sound Healing Session

1 online meet up


(Saving £20)

Spaced over 6 weeks


2 Somatic Journey's

2 Sound Healing Session's

2 online meet up's


(Saving £40)

Spaced over 10 weeks


3 Somatic Journey's

3 Sound Healing Session's

3 online meet up's


(Saving £60)

Spaced over 14 weeks

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